Ball Sports

What types of ball sports are there?

There are numerous types of ball sports played around the world. However, the most popular ones include cricket, racquetball, squash, and tennis. It is important to realize that nowadays people play these sports round the year. Keeping this fact in mind and considering that the changes in weather, particularly during the monsoon, one has to cover the playing area so that rain water does not drench it, making it impossible to play the sport once the rain ceases. For example, pitch curators and the ground support staff cover the playing area of cricket with cricket pitch covers. This ensures that water does not leak into the laying area, making it unsuitable for playing.

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What is squash?

Squash is a ball game, typically played inside a glass enclosure, in which one of the two competitors hits a ball on the wall, and the other player has to position himself so that he can hit back the ball to the wall when it ricochets off the wall. The rules of this game are quite simple. The player has to hit the ball back after it has bounced on the floor once. The playing between the two players is known as a rally. In the scenario that the player is unable to hit the ball before it bounces two times on the floor, or hits the floor before it strikes the front wall, or even if it drops outside the out line, the player loses the rally. People play squash on squash courts and use racquets to strike the ball.

What is tennis?

Tennis is a ball game played between two layers or between two pairs of players. The game is played on either indoor or outdoor courts. The surface of the court can be either clay or grass, with the later producing more acceleration on the ball. The players stand on opposite sides of the court, which has a net on its centre. The aim of the game is to strike the ball on the opposite side of the court in such a way that he or she cannot return it. Outdoor tennis courts need to be covered in case rain falls, to protect the court against damages. The players get two chances to serve the ball. Players use racquets to play this game too, although the shape and the length of the racquet is different from those used for playing squash.

What is cricket?

Cricket is an outdoor ball game in which two teams pit their abilities against each other on a pitch (a 22 yards long strip of clay). Each team comprises of 11 players. The team batting (those who will strike the ball) sends two players (batsmen) and the other team (the fielding team) has 11 players on the ground. The aim of the game is to bowl the ball in such a way so that the player strikes it into the hands of the fielder or misses the ball completely, allowing it to hit the stumps (three wooden stakes pushed into the ground). Regular watering and grass cutting from the pitch is required for maintaining the pitch.